Solar Water | Save On Your Bills

Solar Water

With energy costs rising every year, seemingly inevitable interruptions to supplies and with growing concerns for the environment, there can only be an increase in the demand for renewable energy sources, especially solar power and extracting heat from the outdoors. 
Now, with today’s new technologies and Government incentives available in 2011, it is possible to both save money on your bills and to earn money generating your own electricity whilst creating a long term environmentally-friendly energy system for your home or business!

Solar Water | Heat Your Water


Let nature provide your hot water for you!  


Solar Water or Solar Thermal Panels work by transferring heat from the air to your water even when temperatures are below freezing! 


How much hot water will a Solar Water Heating system supply ?


Whilst this can depend on the size and type of solar panels specified , experience shows that between 50-70% of your hot water needs will be supplied annually by a professionally installed system.


Between April and September almost all of your hot water ( 65C) needs should be supplied by the system whilst between October and March it will produce water with an average temperature of 30C which would then be boosted to the required temperature by your boiler.   


Installing renewable energy technology is unique to your home or business, so it is very important that you know which is the right combination of solar power or heat extraction for you - and which has the greatest financial benefit too of course! Our friendly engineers will guide you through what is available to ensure you reach a decision that is 100% right for you.
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